COVID-19 Student Protocol

Protect yourself is protect us all.

Preventive measures for students

Before the surf lesson:

1. Book your surf class 

This season it is essential to have an appointment. Call us at (0034) 607 483 495 (David) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will assign you a group and schedule.

2. Take your temperature

Before leaving home, you should put on the thermometer. If you have more than 37º it is better not to come to class, not to leave the house and call 112 (emergency phone).

3. Your own material

If it`s possible, use your own material (wetsuit, surfboard, wax...). If you don`t have, don`t worry, we will give you. Of course, you must bring your own swimsuit, towel and identified bottle of water.

4. Individual protection

You must go to the School with your mask, we will provide you with the hydroalcoholic gel.

5. Hand washing

Wash your hands with soap and water before leaving the house.

During the surf lesson:

1.Temperature shot

When you arrive at school, an instructor will measure your temperature using an infrared thermometer.

2. Personal belongings

Put your clothes and belongings in your bag. We will indicate the place where to deposit it.

3. Don't share, please

Do not share your material or do not touch the material of your classmates (surfboard, wetsuit, sunscreen..).

4. Distance on land

On the way to the beach, we will keep a distance of 2 meters between us. In the theoretical and practical class in the sand, it will be 4 meters. Your instructor will tell you how to position yourself.

5. Distance at sea

It is recommended to keep 2 meters of distance between us and increase to 4 meters in conditions of strong winds. Your instructor will help you to achieve it.

After the surf lesson:

1. Return of material

Deposit the used material in the buckets indicated by the School for disinfection.

2. Collection of your belongings

Your instructor will return your bag and you can change your clothes in the right place.

3. Disinfection

The School staff will be responsible for the disinfection of all the material used during the surf session with the products recommended by the institutions.

4. Hand washing

Before leaving school you must disinfect yourself with the hydroalcoholic gel that we provide.

5. Return home

We recommend that when you get home you wash your hands again with soap and water for at least 50 seconds. Wash the clothes brought to class at more than 60º and take the temperature again.

And remember:

1. Please be punctual

We appreciate that you arrive on time, neither before nor after.

2. Identified zip bag

In order to store your mask, please, bring a zip bag identified with your name.

3. Better with footwear

Please, always wear shoes in our school and to go down to the beach. Once there, we keep it in a safe place.


In case you have symptoms:

1. Please, do not go to School.

2. Inform the School as soon as possible.

3. Contact 112.


In case of not attending due to symptoms of COVID19, the cancellation and refund of the total reservation will be made.


In case of testing positive for COVID19:

Please, let us know as soon as possible to:

1. Notify the rest of the participants of the activity carried out (only if you have already attended one of our classes).

2. Stop the activity of the affected group (only if you have already attended one of our classes).

3. Carry out a thorough disinfection of the School.

4. Review the activities of the last fifteen days.





We continue with small groups to guarantee a safe summer

and fully enjoy the stunning nature.
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