Surf School COVID Protocol

1. Family treatment

This season, we will continue to offer our characteristic family treatment... yes indeed, keeping safe distances. But surely we will not lack greetings, advice, glances of complicity, words of encouragement... and together we will save the distances.

2. Reduced capacity

For everyone's safety, we have reduced the capacity of the School facilities.

3. Small groups

Following our close and safe treatment, all our classes will be taught to small groups:
- M
aximum number of adults per group: 5-6 people per instructor.
- Maximum number of kids between 5 and 7 years old per group:
 two children per instructor.

4. Staggered hours

To avoid coming together in the School with several groups, our class schedules will be more staggered, comfortable and safe.

5. Duration of activity

The duration of our classes is 2 hours, following the recommendation of the spanish government for the duration of group sports activities.

6. Telematic payments

We want to speed up reservations as much as possible and for this, we will offer new forms of payment via Bizum and by bank transfer.

7. Cancellation due to COVID-19 symptoms

In case of not attending due to COVID-19 symptoms, the amount of the reservation will be refunded.

8. Instructors

- Our instructors will wear FFP2 masks.
- They have received training in the COVID-19 Protocol from the Spanish Surf Federation.

9. Material disinfection

All wetsuits, surfboards and school t-shirts will be cleaned after each use and will be delivered dry and sanitized.

10. Disinfectants approved by the General Public Health Association

We have disinfectants:
- for neoprene and lycra: professional Neopreneclean disinfectant.
- for hands: sanitizing hand gel with lactic acid and hydroalcoholic gel.
- for the school: approved neutral pH disinfectant.





We continue with small groups to guarantee a safe summer

and fully enjoy the stunning nature.
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