The +QSURF Clan is another new option to surf with us during the year, even during the school year. It is designed to cultivate young talented surfers who continue their training throughout the year.

The +QSURF Clan includes:

  • Study of surf videos by the student themselves and tutors (video correction)
  • Improvement of flexibility and balance through a range of exercises in our rock climbing arena, designed to improve performance in the water.
  • Training designed to improve strength, stamina and speed.
  • Use of the Martin Dunn technique.
  • Training with skates and simulations on dry land.
  • Gymnastics and yoga related to surf.
  • Teambuilding activites to aument respect, tolerance and responsibility with others and the environment.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Directed principally at children and youths who are looking for a different after-school activity in the surf world in small groups and personalized.
  • Improvements of surfing technique for adults who want to get rid of bad habits while surfing.