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Surf classes in Cantabria

Here at +QSURF we offer classes and access to surf for all, adapted to your needs offering everything from equipment rental to completely personalised courses. We have courses for beginners and improvers alike:

Baptism of surf (for beginners)

The objective is to get a taste of surf and learn the basics about surf and the sea.

First steps

This involves learning the basic concepts of surf, the sea and its environment. We´ll teach you how to use the equipment correctly, warm-up techniques, paddling and position on the board, take off (getting up on your feet!), how to read the conditions and to enjoy all that this incredible sport offers.

Improvers surf classes

This is aimed at those who have surfed before, whether in another course or by themselves. The objective is to improve on the techniques already acquired and to develop new and more advanced methods.

The courses will normally last  1 hours and 15 min. in the water + 20 minutes of theory +30 minutes for changing and accessing the beach.

Cost of Courses
30€ 2 hours 15 min.
55€ weekend
125€ 5 days
160€ 7 days
Private classes (máx. 3 persons)
from 40
220€ Bonosurf  10 sessions 
* Prices are per person
* The price includes: equipment, instructor and insurance

C/ El Puente.
Monte Mazo 3, Bajo 10
Loredo (Cantabria) - España.

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