surfskate classes

Do you want to continue your surf training on land?

+QSURF School offers you surfskate classes for all ages and levels.
Our surfskate classes improve certain skills that we use in the water and are the perfect complement to a dry workout.
Just one minute from the school, Loredo has an asphalt Pump Track with a route that has several dubis-rollers, plateaus and slopes ideal for learning to catch flow.
Our surfskate classes last 2 hours and the groups are small to guarantee good teaching, a maximum of 6/8 people.

The price is €25/pax. and includes:

- Miller surfskate,

- protections,

- & Insurances.

We also have rental material, €20/ all day (includes protections).

And our special offer:


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn in a quality teaching environment in a fun and entertaining way!

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