La escuela - Mas que Surf - Cantabria

The School

The surf school is open to all ages from small kids to youths and adults who want to ride a wave and enjoy the sea, sun and spectacular beach. Always respecting the local environment and learning to appreciating the "little big things" that natures has to offer.



Loredo is one of the most reliable beaches in the North of Spain with conditions for both beginners and experts throughout the year.

You can learn to surf on beaches of fine sand or become an expert as you test the waves of Santa Marina Island.



Easy access to the beach, audiovisual area, changing area, play area for smallies and free wifi.

Moreover, we're the only school in Spain that also offers indoor climbing to complement your surf lesson. We have installed a Boulder in our facilities both for your entertainment and for physical training and improving flexibility and concentration which will help your surfing.